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After School Nana Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Nana is a pretty Korean idol who is also rumored undergoing cosmetics surgery. She indeed has perfect appearance. Her beauty is often interest the public to like and love her. Plastic surgery is mentioned as her key to change her appearance because of her before and after pictures are existence. There are many differences when she was still young with she is now. Her new looking certainly creates some questions about her beauty. By comparing her pictures, she is like doing some alterations on her face.

After School Nana Plastic Surgery After School Nana Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

After School Nana Plastic Surgery Before and After

The first, if you take a look at her face feature, she seems having square shape face when she was young. But now, she has V face shape. It is sure making the prediction about her plastic surgery. The possibility surgery she did is facelift on her face. The second, she was running the eyelid surgery to shape her eyes to be larger. By seeing on her eyes size, it shows the significant difference. It is impossible if her eyes alteration just is covered by make up. So, the rumor about her eyelid surgery may be indeed done by her.

The third, on her eyes-brows are also different with before. When she was young, she appeared having no thick eyes-brow. But now, she has the thick eyes-brow. It can be done by running browlift. Thus, the possibility of her some plastics surgery are indeed possible. Many people who want to change themselves to be better. Thus, many ways may be done to get it fast. Therefore, plastics surgery which can result the beauty soon and then it is chosen. This phenomenon which is possible to be undergone by Nana.

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  • lamesite June 4, 2015, 8:34 pm

    your comparing a photoshopped pic to a nonphotoshopped pic lmao

  • fake photoshopped korean whore October 11, 2015, 8:32 pm

    This whore nana is photoshopped in the after pocture, she looks NOTHING like that in real life. Plus, nobody looks perfect, pretty and beautiful when they get surgery. Surgery will mess up anybody’s face and its bad. If koreans really did look like this in real life like in the after pic after surgery, then everyone in America would be copying off of them and everyone would be moving to Korea to get surgery. YOU CAN’T BE FOOLED BY PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES, PEOPLE. Korean girls DO NOT look pretty after surgury, those after pictures are photoshopped. The internet is filled with fake images of girls, because girls photoshop their faces, skin tone, body shape, etc. Whenever they post a picture of themselves online. Korean girls are photoshopped in every picture you see if them. And there are fat koreans too, not everybody in korea is skinny. Girls on the internet try to make other girls feel bad and want to make them jealous when they post a picture of themselves, but really, they just photoshopped their pictures, including their makeup as well. THE INTERNET IS FULL OF FAKE ATTENTION WHORES AND SLUTS WHO DO NOTHING BUT SLEEP AROUND IN REAL LIFE AND PHOTOSHOP PICTURES OF THEMSELVES. Not hating, simply telling the truth, haters!

  • fake korean slut photoshopped October 11, 2015, 8:34 pm

    I mean’t, not jealous, because its no point in being jealous when these pictures you see of girls on the internet are photoshopped.

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