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Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Born as Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, Andie looks dazzlingly pretty at her 56, the age which any aging signs should have been formed on her face. The rumors about her going under the knife are widely discussed among cosmetic surgery experts, observers, even her fans. This seems impossible for her to look much younger than her age, like she is aging in reverse, something that is very nonsense to be happening with human beings.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Some procedures that she might have taken are facelift, blepharoplasty, nose job, breast implants, lip injections, and Botox. The facelift is quite obvious since she is free from wrinkles, sagging cheeks, crow’s feet lines, and laugh lines. This look is very unusual for a woman of her age. Her wide-open eyes is suspected as the outcome of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This kind of surgery removes any sagging skins around the eyes, make them look widen and youthful, just as MacDowell has. Her boobs is rumored having been done since 1980, when she was 20s. The shape of her boobs remain constant over the years despite she has given birth three times. Don’t you have suspicion on it? The tighter forehead is supposed as the result of Botox. A 56 year old without wrinkles on her forehead? Nonsense!

Dr. Anthony Youn, one of the famous celebrity plastic surgeons, had a say about MacDowell’s appearance, “Andie looks like she’s used her Green Card for plastic surgery.” He suggested that Andie may have had fillers in her face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. “It appears that she’s undergone significant plumping and softening of her cheeks, likely by injections of her own fat.” He added, “Her forehead also looks relaxed, an appearance consistent with Botox injections. Her upper lip is also plump, causing her smile to look a bit Julia Roberts-esque.”

Dr. Paul Nassif was also sure that MacDowell has benefited from Botox. This has enabled her to keep wrinkles away but at the same time tightened her facial muses enough to maintain normal facial movement.

Andie herself never comes up to admit plastic surgery. She said “I don’t judge anyone for what they do. But that said I have also known people who have had it done expecting it to change them and make them happy. Cutting a bit off this or that is not going to change the way you feel inside” So what do you think? Aren’t you sure that she is really not taking any benefit from plastic surgery?

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