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Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Photo

Many people said that the rhinoplasty procedure is actually the unnecessary thing for Ben Savage. It is because without nose job procedure, he still looks so handsome and fine too. But, as you know every celebrities has their own reasons to conducted plastic surgery. And even small changes in the nose area as in Savage’s case, already create a different looks to his face. And though he never said anything about the surgery, he must has his own reason to run that kind of thing on his face.

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Photo

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Photo

Ben Savage Nose Job Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Photo

Ben Savage Nose Job Photo

Everybody must be agree that Ben Savage nose job surgery is unnecessary thing because he is good looking anyway. Bennett Joseph “Ben” Savage who was born on September 13, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. is an American actor. He rise to stardom for his role as Cory Matthews on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World (1993-2000). And recently, he returning again to its sequel series Girl Meets World (2014). Many people started noticed something has been changed on his face. They then put their attention to the nasal area and realize that it obviously the nose job procedure.

Nose job

The obvious procedure that can be seen from his face is the rhinoplasty or nose job. His face that looks bit different that we know 14 years ago is the clear result from the nose job procedure. His nose used to not appeared like that and it shows the indication that something has been changed there. He used to have bit bulbous and less defined nose which is actually didn’t affected his appearance much. And now, he surprised us with his new nose seems smaller and straighter than before. His nose looks so pinched with defined dorsum and nostril area and also rounder but sharper tip too.

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