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Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

The former news anchor Bree Walker has destroy her face by doing plastic surgery. Her plastic surgery was going to wrong, her face was unrecognizable anymore and of course she looks so horrible. It seems that she did several plastic surgery procedures that makes her face looks so horrible. Bree Walker has facelift, necklift, botox injection, eyelift and lip augmentation. So, what kind of procedure that makes her face looks so awful? It seems that she did botox injection for multiple times, as everybody knows her age is 61 years old. It is a common for human to have a youthful face and Bree Walker wanted it too, the youtfull face will increase her career. So, the botox treatments is the only way to make her appearance younger. Unfortunately, she did botox in massive injections, so the result is not as expected.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Besides botox, Bree Walker also has necklift procedure, facelift and eyelift but the most noticed awful procedure was her lip augmentation. As you can see at her before picture, her lip seems as a common lips, there are no sign of implants that injected to her. But at her after pictures, her lip has changed into more thick and bigger drastically. But, the thick and bigger lips she has looks so unnatural, no wonder her face looks more awful. Many people disappointed with Bree Walker choice in doing plastic surgery. She used to have a natural beautiful face, but now she destroy her beautiful face by doing wrong plastic surgery. What do you think guys? Please share your opinion here.

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