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Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

By looking at her appearance, you will started to guess that Charo plastic surgery or the good genes that makes her remain youthful till her 63 years old? Everybody must agree that she looks prettier and beautiful today when her age is going to old. The main thing here, she still looks so young and not changing too much. Everybody knows how sexy the woman was. And now even her age is more than 60s, that sexy and fabulous looks still remain there.

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people said that Charo plastic surgery that was combined with good genes helps her to remain youthful. Though never say any single words, the people already noticed that this woman has undergo plastic surgery to maintain her sexy looks. And what are kind of plastic surgery that was probably done by her?


To maintain her youthful looks, the experts agrees that she got facelift procedure. Her face looks tight and bit lifted especially on her eyes and forehead area. Though her face looks tight, but it also help her to removed that aging lines and crease that may appeared from her face.


To get the fresh looks and makes her remain ageless, she got the blepharoplasty too. It can be seen from the facts that her eyes remain larger and not saggy or floppy. There is no baggy or excess fat that hanging under her eyes. It may the reason why she got blepharoplasty to makes her eyes remain youthful and fresher as we can see today.

Lip implant

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston says that he found the facts that the actress having the lip implant too. Her lip remain fluffy and looks so pout is because she got the collagen done that was injected there. It makes her lip looks so pout and plumped with fuller looks as many people see today from her appearance.

Breast implants

The breast implants is another procedure that was spotted from her appearance. It can be seen clearly from her body shape that remain toned and fabulous yet doesnt show the indication of saggy at all. Her breast looks plumped and fuller with rounder breast that seems never affected with the gravitation at all. We can say that the actress got several treatment to makes her body remain sexy till today with the breast implant done.

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