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Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Having a face looks like Seohyun SNSD leads the speculation that Choi Ji Woo did plastic surgery to have a face like that. But many people also said that it was a coincidence that they have similar face as you can see in every K Dramas. On the other hand, some people said that both actress came to the same doctor to conducted plastic surgery. Everybody must agree that their face looks a like each other.

Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

This South Korean actress still very fascinating even though her age is about 39 years old. With her beautiful face, she is still named as one of the most beautiful women in South Korea. But, it seems that looking so beautiful even her age is almost 40 makes people guessing what kind of plastic surgery she has had done. And here are several plastic surgery procedures that possibly done by her.

Eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery is the most common procedure that has been took by the Korean idol. And for her case, many people said that her eyes looks so wide and big as you can see today. Her big and wide eyes may the result from plastic surgery because she looks so different in the past. Not only that, suddenly this woman having double eyelid which is makes people believe that the double eyelid surgery been done here.

Nose job

The nose job may also conducted by her as the before and after picture shows the clear differences here. Her nose looks so small and getting pinched this day. The nasal tip looks sharper with defined dorsum and smaller nostril too. But many people said that her nose looks so pinched not because of plastic surgery. She just less chubbier that why her nose seems looks bit sharper this day.

No matter what the theories about Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery, the result is really awesome. And, she looks prettier though many said it was the plastic surgery result.

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