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Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

What happen to Cyndi Lauper face, she seems not good and looks so horrible. Let’s say that the singer bit playing too hard with plastic surgery and it seems that she doesn’t really satisfy with the result. The singer self admitting having plastic surgery and she said she is not too having fun with the surgery.

Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After

This 61 years old singer admitted to have plastic surgery but also said she was regretting the procedure that has happened in the past. She seems realize that plastic surgery makes her appearance looks so worst and not good at all. And, here are several plastic surgery procedures that done by her

Facelift and botox

She admitted combined between facelift and botox procedure in the past, and as you can see now, the result is really worst. The combination between the facelift and botox give her the worst and awful appearance which is makes us forgetting her appearance for the first time in the album She’s So Unusual (1983). Those two procedures make her face looks so horrible with too tight and too glossy looks. Her cheek also seems very swollen as the indication she got too much botox there that getting worsening because of the facelift procedure done.

Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tummy tuck

Having voluptuous body actually burdens her moreover with bit flabby belly too. That is why she then tries to make her stomach getting flat and then took the tummy tuck as the procedure here. She got the tummy tuck procedure to removed excess fat that makes her stomach looks big and flabby. The result actually not too bad either because she seems getting slimmer with flatter belly of course.

Nose job and lip enhancement

The singer also admitted to have lip enhancement too. Her plumped lip today that for some reason looks too thick unnaturally is the clear result that she got the plastic surgery for lip implant. Her lip seems very wide with thicker looks as you can see on her before and after picture. Besides, she was also admitting having the nose job procedure. The kind of procedure had been removed her bulbous and piggy nose to something pinched and slimmer. Unfortunately, her nose looks to small that seem not suits her face at all.

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  • Barb October 20, 2016, 11:54 am

    Whomever is writting your story to go with the pictures doesn’t know proper grammar. Their saying “she” when talking about a man. Twice! Also some of the sentences don’t make sense! As if English is a second language. I’ve never read anything like this before. Are thes articles proof read? I’m not trying to be mean but lots of grammatical errors!

  • enklizh laanguge July 12, 2017, 3:33 am

    Who is the unlitterate idiot who’s written the story bout Cindy Lauper’s face surgeries? Horrible english and stupid comments. And besides, none of the “facts” in the account can be actually verified, they’re repetitions of other similar articles, as if written by a robot.

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