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Did Jung Yong Hwa Have Plastic Surgery?

When we hear Jung Yong Hwa, directly we will remember his role in a drama series entitle Heartstring. He is handsome boy with cool style. Certainly, many fans like him. But actually, behind his good appearance, he is also issued for running plastic surgery procedure.

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Did Jung Yong Hwa Have Plastic Surgery?

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Actually the result of plastics surgery does not appear too clearly. But, it will be looked at the pictures which are compared. Just little part of his face will seem different from his before picture. His face feature appears more tight than before. It makes his face have different chin which looks narrower. It is like using facelift or chin implant to be able to change his face shape. In addition, his nose seems better than before. It creates the rumor that he is having rhinoplasty or nose job procedure.

Indeed, Jung Yong Hwa shows himself naturally. So, if his pictures aren’t compared obviously and careful, his differences will be difficult to be found. His fans may not believe his plastics surgery because he does not indeed show his change totally. Nevertheless, the operation result will be found by looking particular parts of the face which get the plastic surgery. What do you think girls? Does he really has plastic surgery?

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