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Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastics surgery can be the unhappy rumor for some celebrities. Moreover, many celebrities choose to confirm the issue by denying the plastics surgery news. Han Hyo Joo is one of the Korean actresses who decides to deny the rumor. She doesn’t regard to have plastic surgery.

Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The rumor doesn’t exist without the evidence and the difference of her appearance. It is known after appearing some photos of Han Hyo Joo which show the differences of her appearance. It seems on her nose and chin. The nose job may have changed her nose being better. Her nose job changes her bit flat bulbous nose to something pinched and pointed this day. The nose job can be seen from how slimmer and thinner her nose recently. Thus, it adds beauty looks on her face.

Besides, chin implant also seems transformed her round face to the oval one. In her before and after picture, her face looks longer than before. It started the speculation that this South Korean actress may put herself under the scalpel to conduct chin implant procedure. The chin implant makes her chin looks tougher and subtle with defined and reshaped jawline too.

Not only chin and nose which looks different on Han’s face, but also her eyes. It is like getting eyelid surgery. Her eyes becomes bigger than before which makes the people suspect her being the surgery on her eyes. Certainly, in her photo, her eyes are not same between before and after photos.

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