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Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korean cinema boom in the last few years and many Korean celebrities are known worldwide. Korean people are also getting several plastic surgery procedures to look beautiful. But, mostly no one shares their secret of having plastic surgery procedures. Hwang Jung Eum is a well known Korean actress in the world. She has a strong fan following in Asian countries as well as in European and American countries. There have been few speculations that famous Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum gone under the knife for few plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her looks. She has been accused of having a nose job and eyelid surgery. But, according to reports she never admits these speculations and strongly denied it. However, we take a look at before and after pictures of Hwang Jung Eum and we found few signs which give us a hint of plastic surgery procedures.

Nose Job and Double eyelid surgery

According to her statement in the interview about her nose job which she gave in 2011 to the host of MBC show. She denied that she had a nose job. But, she said that she is not satisfied with her nose and she felt that her nose looks high from her face. At the same time, she also got the question about the possibility of having a chin implants. She denied it as well and said that the plastic surgeon would possibly know the truth about it. But, she claimed that her chin is all natural. The other plastic surgery procedure she has been accused of being eyelid surgery. It is known as the most famous plastic surgery procedure among the celebs. It can make the narrow eyes look bigger.hwang jung eum plastic surgery Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we take a look at her eyes, we can see the sign which gives us an idea of the eyelid surgery procedure has been done. But, it can be an illusion which can be made by the expert makeup artist. Many people talked about her looks and they said that she looked more real and natural in the past than now. The pictures alone cannot give us complete signs of plastic surgery procedures. There are several makeup tricks and items which makes eyelid more beautiful. You can see the before and after picture and see the signs of possible plastic surgery procedures.

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