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Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you have seen the NBC sitcom “The Real housewives of New Jersey” then you must know about Jacqueline Laurita. She was the original cast member of the show. Jacqueline was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S, on April 26, 1970. In her childhood, Jacqueline lived in different countries. Her father was an Army Colonel.

Jacqueline first married to John Mathew Holmes and they have a child together. But, after some time they separated and got the divorce. Jacqueline won the case and custody of her daughter. According to sources and rumors, after the custody of the child, Jacqueline worked as a stripper to support herself and daughter. In 1996, Jacqueline’s father introduced her to Chris Laurita. Later, the couple moved to the Chris home in New Jersey and had two children together.

To appear on the TV show isn’t an easy task. You need a perfect look and body in order to get selected for the show. According to several reports and rumors, Jacqueline has been accused of having multiple plastic surgery procedures. The plastic surgery procedures include Breast Implants, Neck Lift, Tummy Tuck, Nose job and Botox injections.

Jacqueline laurita plastic surgery before and after 1 Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you take a look at the before and after pictures of the Jacqueline Laurita, you can see the difference. Let me elaborate the plastic surgery procedures for you.

Jacqueline Laurita Breast Implants

Many times women want big breasts and they choose the wrong size. The size of the implants is really important in order to get perfect surgery. Sometimes, the breast implants are heavier than the whole body and that starts the problem such as back pain. Jacqueline had the same problem, she had a big breast, but later she had to reduce the size of her implants in order to stay healthy and risk free. Now, the size of her breast looks perfect.

Jacqueline Laurita Tummy Tuck and Neck Lift

Staying in perfect shape is a real struggle, which celebrities have to deal with. It is important for any celebrity to stay in shape and not get fat. But, if you gave birth to three children, then it’s really difficult to stay in shape. The same thing happened to Jacqueline and she had to take help from the plastic surgeons in order to stay in shape. She has had two procedures tummy tuck and neck lift in order to reduce the fat and get back in shape. Under the supervision of the Beverley Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent, she went under the knife to get these procedures.

Jacqueline laurita plastic surgery before and after Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacqueline Laurita Nose Job

The obsession to have a perfect nose is everywhere. But, many people don’t pursue their dream and go for a cosmetic procedure. However, the case with the celebrities are entirely different, they seek the help of surgeons in order to get proper features. Jacqueline also had a nose job and you can see the difference in the pictures.

Jacqueline Laurita Botox Injections

Botox is vitally used procedure among celebrities over 40. The Botox injections help to get wrinkle free face and tight skin. Jacqueline is in her 40’s and she obviously needed to reduce the wrinkles from her face, in order to look younger.

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