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Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is often done to recover the old process. It is also chosen by Jayde Nicole to do plastic surgery. After doing it, she looks younger. Nevertheless, old can not be covered all. There is still particular part of her body which indicates that she has been old. It can be compared to her photo when she was 23 years old. It seems that in addition to an obvious breast augmentation to give her the signature playmate appearance, Jayde has also gotten lip fillers as well as a nose job.

Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After

She was beautiful woman who has many fans, certainly. To make her perfect, there is some treatments which have been done, such as botox and fillers. It was stated by Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer, “In the photos, it does appear to have a breast implant look.  She also appears to have had lip fillers and possibly cheek fillers.  Also, the pictures are static so it is hard to tell, but she has a slight Botox look to her forehead.” So, plastic surgery can be looked clearly although just looking at the photo.

Is popularity or necessity which encourage Jayde Nicole to do plastic surgery? Only she who knows that reason. Because, many people will have many reasons to do and to choose something although it will cause risk. The answer of that question will be replied by our mind wisely. There is not mistake of people decision if they have particular reason. But, it is very important to know what is our necessity? And do we want to change the gift from God? Those are our decision.

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