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Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelift Procedure

It has been a long time that Park Ji Yeon being the subject among the netizen for the plastic surgery rumors. Being looks so perfect makes her become the victim of plastic surgery bullying. And many of her haters said that she got surgery procedure just like any other Korean idols. And it also added the facts that she is one of the most beautiful members of her band T-ara. Then it makes many people believe that her amazing looks is the plastic surgery result though it only a small parts on her face.

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelift Procedure Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelift Procedure

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelift Procedure

Actually, the facts that Park Ji Yeon plastic surgery is still vague. Netizen found her before and after picture on the internet and they found that her face is actually beautiful and naturally pretty too. They then focused their attention to her face and shows the facts that her eyes bit changed. It then leads the speculation that she got the plastic surgery for the eyes area.

Eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery then become the most obvious procedure that can be seen from her before and after picture. Many people said that this woman looks prettier than before because the small changes on her eyes. And the people also believed that it was kind of double eyelid surgery that makes her face getting prettier and more beautiful as you can see today. But, Jiyeon denied the rumors that was accused to her. She said that her eyes looks good and beautiful because she always use the smoky eyes make up. That is why her eyes seems bigger and prettier.

Though already explain many things, Park Ji Yeon plastic surgery still being a hot topic to be discussed today. Some people still insisted that her beautiful eyes is caused by eyelift procedure, not just amazing makeup only.

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  • N Syakirah July 11, 2015, 1:30 am

    Actually those picture of before and after plastic surgery are wrong because when you wear thick mascara , eyeliner and eye shadow , your eyes will look bigger than before doing so . For eyelid , I heard from another information that a mask tape will make an eyelid .

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