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Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katie Price is a famous British glamor model and television personality. She was born Brighton, England on 22 May, 1978. She first came into the limelight, when she appeared topless for the British magazine ‘The Sun’. Afterwards, she got the chance to enhance her talents and work in different industries like books, television, music and fashion.

When it comes to relationships, Price has quite bad experiences. She has been in several relationships and married three times. She married to a singer name Peter Andre, Alex Reid the professional fighter and Kieran Hayler. According to reports, Price net worth was around $69 million in 2012.

Katie Price has been often under the media attack due to the speculations of plastic surgery procedures. But, if you take a look at her, you would find out that she has many plastic surgery procedures.

As a glamor model, it’s important to look sexy and hot to stay in the business. Most models working in the glamor or fashion industry went under the knife for plastic surgery procedures. The procedures which are famous among glamor models are breast implants, Botox injections, facelift and nose job.

When I see Katie Price, my reaction was SHE IS HOT, even though she is not a natural beauty. But, still men got some feelings for hot models. Because of her huge breasts and perfect toned body with a pretty face makes her exquisite woman.

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Breast Implants

Almost everyone who got some knowledge of cosmetic surgery would know about breast implants. Many women tend to like big and perfectly shaped breasts. But, the case of Katie Price was different, being a glamour model means you need big breasts. She used to be a 32B, but, after the breast implants her breasts enhanced to 32DD. Quite a size, isn’t? But, it definitely suits her and makes her man killer.

Katie Price plastic surgery before and after Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox Injections

Botox injections have super powers, which make you look younger than your age. But, it’s a risky thing to use and it has a potential to make your face worse. According to several reports, Katie Price has been admitted that she takes the Botox injection treatment every six months to get wrinkle free skin. Well, Katie I must say it’s working for you quite well.

Katie Price plastic surgery before and after 1 Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and AfterNose Job

When you are a model or a celebrity, you obviously need a perfect look and body. But, many celebrities are obsessed with sharp facial features. They often don’t like their noses, specifically if they have a big nostril or a big tip. The obsession to get a perfect nose among celebrities is countless. Many consider the option to reshape their nose. The procedure is usually known as nose job, but it also has its medical name which is Rhinoplasty. I should say here that the Katie Price nose job was excellent and she got the perfect nose according to her face.

We often criticize the bad plastic surgery procedures. But, Katie Price is a rare case and she looks amazing after all the surgery procedures. Hope to see more of Katie Price glamour pictures.

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