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Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The rumors about celebrity plastic surgery are not only accused towards western entertainers, but also growing among Asian public figures. Lee Hyori has become one of them. Lee Hyori is a South Korean entertainer who debuted as a member of the successful K-Pop girl group Fin. K.L, but has since become a solo artist. In 2003, she had her debut solo album Stylish and in 2006, she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea after signing a contract with Mnet Media.

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before & After

Born on 10 May 1979, she turned 35 recently, which is not that young to have a very youthful look like she has. Viewers have had some speculations that she might have done plastic surgery operations to improve her appearance. Some procedures are listed as rhinoplasty or nose job, breast augmentation, dentistry works, and eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

Her nose now looks sharper and more pointed than it used to. Before undergoing the procedure, it was looking bulbous and less sharp with wide cartilage. And tadaaaa! It is now really well defined! Her breast is also showing some alterations, from small with flatted cup size to tougher, rounder, bigger and fuller boobs. The effect of blepharoplasty is also quite obvious, it makes her eyes look much more open and bigger, which gives her a much more beautiful look! She is also suspected of having done corrective procedure to her teeth. By comparing her old and recent photos, there you can find a drastic change that her teeth now becomes shiny, straight, neat, and clean. When she smiles, her teeth give her such a sparkling look.

Until this moment, Lee Hyori still remains silent about the rumors. She never appeared to confirm or deny them all. She once said, “There are too many people around us who worry over maintaining their diet and appearance. Celebrities are also greatly to blame for ordinary people’s obsession with appearance.”

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