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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Who doesn’t know Mariah Carey? Oh, if there is someone who doesn’t know her, I am convinced he/she isn’t from this planet since all the people from earth wouldn’t have any doubt of the fame of Mariah Carey. Born in New York City on 27 March 1969, she was destined to be a star. With her special singing skill that she got, she has been spoiling millions pair of ear. Her popularity never get faded, so does the her desire to always be young.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

In terms of appearance, we can witness some huge differences between her old and recent photos. Speculations about her having undergone some cosmetic surgery keep growing. A number of people believe that some part of her appearance aren’t genuine. Her nose is one of the most noticeable part. It was nearly wide and not really fit for her face, but now it looks narrower and sharper with a refined appearance. However, she looks much prettier with her current nose shape. Her cheeks look full and shiny as well, the shape that nobody would get without surgeons’ help.

Mariah Carey Boob Job Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mariah Carey Boob Job Before and After

The increasing size of her boob is also rumored as the result of breast implants. Her size was A and now it becomes 2 cups larger. But some still believe that the bigger breasts came from the hormones due to breastfeeding activity. The change which happened to her belly, from extra weight to much thinner one, was speculated as the outcome from liposuction procedure. The fat that was accumulated at her belly was carefully removed and leaving her a lean figure her with lots of flexibility.

After being pointed out by the rumors, she has always denied any plastic surgery. She stated that she is completely natural and that any change you might notice on her is a result of her continuous work to make her appearance better, like eating healthily and exercising a lot. Since she got pregnant with twins and gained a lot of extra weight, I think it’s understandable that she took a lot of efforts to lose that extra weight and regain her pre-pregnancy body shape, and going under the knife would be an option.

If it is truth that she has gone to surgeons to makeup some of her appearance, then she has made a wise decision to meet the right one. Her surgeon has successfully done his/her job perfectly. Nothing was overdone with her and she still looks naturally beautiful.

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