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Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Playing a role as Nancy Botwin on Showtime’s TV series, Weeds, had brought a title to Mary Louise Parker as Best Actress in the Golden Globe Award 2006. And now, she has turned 50 years old this year and look at her appearance! She is a drop dead grog creature that Hollywood has ever had.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Seeing the dazzlingly beautiful look of her, it is hard to believe that there is a lady with her age possessing a 30-year-old face. The doubts about undergone plastic surgery raised, and later be denied by her. She admitted that she has urged the producers not to digitally enhance her features “Don’t take out my wrinkles, I’m happy that I look a little tired.” She insisted she hasn’t had Botox or plastic surgery.

The speculations don’t remain silent. Rumors about her having botox procedure is growing stronger. Botox provides glow and smooth skin with no marks of wrinkles and tightened skin, as how she looks. When she was asked her confirmation about whether she has undergone nose job procedure, she denied it and stated that her perfect nose is a result of good genes from her parents. She also accused to have lip enhancement as her lips looks thicker.

Some people are convinced that every little thing on her is totally natural due to the healthy lifestyle and good diet that she has applied by far. However, if it is true that she has undergone any surgical procedure, I would tell that the surgeon has done his/her work perfectly. Her looks is just too good to be true!

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