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Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The former wife of Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith has been one of the bad examples of celebrity plastic surgery. She reportedly has ruined her natural beauty through some works such as facelift, blepharoplasty, Botox, lip augmentation, and cheek implants. The blepharoplasty was done to keep her upper eyelid from dropping and making her look older. She had used some sort of lip fillers to make the lips appear bigger. There was possibly more than one lip job has been done the following year as well. The result of Botox that was probably combined with facelift, made the skin stretches a lot. Her forehead also appears too smooth without any signs of wrinkles or lines. Her bulbous cheeks are noticed as the outcome of cheek implants, they are so round and full, and don’t suit her face at all.

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Griffith, who was born on 9 August 1957, turned 57 this year. To stay young and anti-aging are the intention of anyone who undergoes plastic surgery, including Griffith herself. Her attempt to disprove natural aging process doesn’t bring her a pleasant result. She has turned her natural beauty to something horribly plastic. Some people claimed that the failures of her plastic surgery were caused by her addiction to alcohol and drug consumption. Her drinking problem was so serious that she ever had to go to rehab. Others believed that she went through the works in quick succession so she didn’t achieve the optimum performance. Bad surgeon is the most suspected cause.

Despite many noticeable changes have been marked on her body, she never appeared to confirm nor deny the rumors. She once said, “I don’t think I’m beautiful. When I look in the mirror, I just see me and I’m pretty used to me.” Antonio Banderas also had a say about his ex-wife, “This lust for beauty us a terrible thing. I’ve forbidden her from ever going to a cosmetic surgeon again. It is something we have agreed to for the sake of our marriage.” Yes, all on her are totally overdone. She had lost her natural beauty for the sake of something artificial. That must be very regrettable.

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