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Michael Learned Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Due its awful looks, Michael Learned had put her to the list of celebrity awful plastic surgery. Through her plastic surgery result, everybody must agree that Hollywood is bit cruel for the older actress. The industry seems forced many of the actresses to appeared perfect and beautiful even they are getting older. Some actresses can anticipated it and they still survive. But some of them such as Michael learned seems playing too hard with plastic surgery to keep her existence.

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery Michael Learned Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It seems that in her 75 years old, Michael Learned plastic surgery makes her looks so terrible and unnatural at all. The plastic surgery has been ruining her face and giving her the bad looks as you can see today.


The most obvious procedure that ruin her face is the facelift procedure. The facelift procedure actually help someone to get the skin rejuvenated and keeping the youthful appearance. But for her case, the facelift created something strange and not too good for her face. The facelift makes her face looks like somebody has been pulled it back. It looks so tight, too toned and lifted unnaturally. Not only that, the facelift makes her eyes getting squinted unnaturally due the procedure has been ruined everything from her face.

Its sad to know that Michael Learned plastic surgery give that kind of bad and awful result. We only wish that she stopped her plastic surgery obsession and started to received herself naturally.

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