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Nicole Mitchell Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you have seen the movies of famous actor Eddie Murphy then you would probably know about his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Nicole Mitchell Murphy was born in Sacramento, California, United States on January 5, 1968. She is famously known for her modeling career. She is also a television personality, businesswoman, and designer.

There is no doubt that she is famously known for her marriage to the comedian/actor Eddie Murphy. She took part in the reality television show Hollywood Exes.

Nicole Mitchell Murphy started her modeling career at the young age of 13. It only took one year to be recognized as the model and she won the international modeling contest and signed the deal with Ford Modeling Agency. She also signed a deal with top Paris agency of glamor models. Nicole Mitchell spends 7 years overseas for her modeling work. She worked with top design houses which include Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Ungaro, Chanel and much more.

Nicole Mitchell is now retired from the modeling. However, she created her own line of jewelry ‘FLP jewelry Design’ aka Friendship, Love, and Peace. Mitchell is an executive producer of the reality show in which she also appeared ‘Hollywood Exes’ on VH1.

Well, that was all about Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Now, let’s talk about her plastic surgery rumors. She has been accused of having multiple plastic surgery procedures which include Breast Augmentation, Nose job, Botox injections and Butt augmentation. All of these procedures are quite common among celebrities in Hollywood.

Nicole Mitchell Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After Nicole Mitchell Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Now, if you take a look at before and after photos of Nicole Mitchell Murphy, you can see the difference. There is no doubt that after giving birth to five children and breastfed them. Breasts start to sag and to get rid of sagging of boobs, Nicole Mitchell went under the knife to get breast augmentation. Now, you can see that her breasts look bigger and in perfect shape.

Although, Nicole Mitchell take care of her body a lot. She has the tight abs and stunning features. Nicole Mitchell knows that her body is the most important part in order to be successful in showbiz. However, at the age of 48, it’s difficult to stay in shape and look perfect naturally. So, therefore many celebrities seek the help of plastic surgeons.

Now, again take a look at the before and after picture of Nicole Mitchell and you can see the difference in her nose. This is clearly the result of Nose job which is also known as Rhinoplasty.

The other procedure for which she has been accused was Butt augmentation. Undoubtedly, Nicole Mitchell has a great butt. But, according to media, she went under the knife to get butt augmentation. It certainly helped her to have the great looking butt with proper size according to her height.

Nicole Mitchell Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After 1 Nicole Mitchell Murphy Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the last, she has had Botox injections. This is the most common procedure among women over 40. It helps to get rid of all the dark spots and sagging of facial skin. At the age of 48, Nicole Mitchell looks incredibly hot and she certainly has the great body with tall height.

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