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Owen Wilson Nose Job Before and After Picture

It is funny that Owen Wilson nose job issue become an interesting topic that had been discussed since long time ago. We know who is he and his bright career as an actor. He was known with his talented acting career both for action and comedy or sometimes romantic movie too. He is kind of good looking guy though we can call him very handsome too. But we know something that become her trademark. His nose which is looks misshapen as you can see today.

Owen Wilson Nose Job Before and After Picture

Owen Wilson Nose Job Owen Wilson Nose Job Before and After Picture

Its true that Owen Wilson nose job become the speculation and it seems he doesn’t undergo the reconstructive one. The actor revealed that he got his nose fractured when still very young. It happened when he was played football and his nose even broke twice due his activity. It makes his nose looks so weird and as you can see today, seems become his trade mark.

Nose job

The actor said that he doesn’t have any intention to have had the plastic surgery for the nose job. Actually it was true that he got the nose job done. Of course he already has had the surgery done in the past to fix his broken nose. But, it seems that it wasn’t kind of the nose reconstruction that is why his nose is still in that misshapen looks. His nose looks asymmetrical with kind of fracture bone that obviously seen there from her face so clearly.

Everybody must agree that Owen Wilson nose job is not the good one. But actually his nose becomes his characteristic and it helps him to boost his career.

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  • shaki May 10, 2015, 4:12 pm

    His nose helped him build his career ? How people felt pity for him

    • Craig Carleen January 11, 2017, 6:34 pm

      Good for Owen, I too had nose broken in high school several times,beat up twice, basketball and snow sledding into tree.. Im 58 now, never had it repaired… People said it gives one character and they know your not afraid to fight… Owen is a great actor and not stupid.. I would be his friend anyday…

  • Darryl saunders October 22, 2016, 7:14 pm

    Please write stories in better english

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