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Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Do you believe about Rachel Weisz plastic surgery procedures? Many people then divide to two groups. Those who believed it and those who doesn’t. Those also said that she looks much better with surgery rather than before. But many people also aid that she is also losing her natural beauty due her plastic surgery obsession. When you tries to compared her before and after picture, you will see that there are something has been changed and different from her face.

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Rachel Weisz may feel insecure about the facts that she is getting older. That us why she then tries to makes everything better and preserve her youthful looks in 44 with plastic surgery procedures. Let’s we discuses Rachel Weisz plastic surgery procedures one by one.

Nose job

The nose job is the first procedure that noticed from her before and after picture. Many people believed that she got the nose job long before the other procedures done. Her nose is getting straighter and thinner than before. Her nose used to bit bulbous with less sharper in the tip area. But now, the nasal bridge looks so defined with straight looks that was combined with sharper nasal tip too. The size of her nose also bit decreased as indication she has been doing something with the nasal bone too.


And we came to the secret that makes her face looks toned and tight. The botox is the procedure that possibly done by her to get that amazing facial skin. She may never admit it and said that the healthy diet give the benefits from her facial skin too. But her tight and toned facial skin is way from something normal. She looks good with the botox cause her face getting flawless and smooth too. But it also stiffed and very toned too that seems ruining her natural beauty. Many people say that her face is too stiffed and higher and it then makes her natural beauty started to fade away.

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