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Ram Charan Teja Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

In Bollywood, Ram Charan Teja plastic surgery is considered as one of the most popular Bollywood plastic surgeries that has been discussed. At first, we can say that there is nothing different from his face since he is looks good too. But those who has been following this Indian film actor and entrepreneur will say that this man has an obsession to plastic surgery. Beside he has desired to remain youthful, he is also seems having an obsession to look like western man rather than Indian one.

Ram Charan Teja Plastic Surgery Ram Charan Teja Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Ram Charan Teja Plastic Surgery Before and After

Every time he asked regarding the rumor, he denied it. But, his before and after picture seems revealed many things and we can say that there is the plastic surgery signs from his face.


In his 29 years old, Ram Charan showed the indication that he got the facelift procedure already. His face is really tight and not too relaxed, it is indicated from facelift procedure. His face looks so changed and very different than he used to . Besides, his face also seems looks like western man rather than the Indian. It then makes people believe that the facelift procedure has been change his face so drastically. Not only keep his youthful looks unnaturally, it also give him the different and annoying looks too.

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