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Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Some people connected between Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery and his gay love story. But the actor self denied that he has plastic surgery because he tries to find cooler and handsome partner in life. Though he never said clearly about the rumors, the actor seems agreeing in explicitly. He seems never burdened at all with the speculation he got the plastic surgery done.

Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery

It seems that Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery makes him looks like men in 60s. It means that in his 80 years old, plastic surgery worked well and give so much benefits to him. Though many people also mock him by saying the plastic surgery give him the feminine looks, he seems just don’t care. He also denied that plastic surgery is the way to get the younger partner for his life. And we can’t judging him or asking too much about his plastic surgery motive.


The botox injection seems the obvious procedure that can be seen from his face. You may asked why his face not too tight or frozen? It is because the actor only takes the small dose only here. Not only that, it seems that the botox give him the other benefit to smooth the lines that appeared from his face. Though his forehead looks bit frozen and stiffed, but it looks natural and he is still be able to create any expressions from his face.


Beside the botox, the other possible plastic surgery that can be seen from his face is the necklift procedure. The necklift procedure can be seen from the facts that his neck skin is really tight and toned. Actually he should show us the turkey neck there and the floppy skin due his age is 80s. But that neck looks so clear and soft with tighter looks which is makes him looks younger too.

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