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Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Many people didn’t believe about Richie Sambora plastic surgery speculation. They said that this man is too masculine to get the surgery done. But the facts is, he is not only the rock stars who has the surgery done. See Gene Simmons, AXL Rose, Bret Michaels and even his band mate Jon Bon Jovi were also having plastic surgery though some of them never admit it. And unfortunately, many rock stars has bad faith and experience with plastic surgery. Their face seems bit botched and looks awful  due plastic surgery.

For the Richie Sambora case, it seems that plastic surgery is also ruined his face little bit. This American rock guitarist may never admitting about the plastic surgery. But it seems that his face revealed many things so clearly there. And many then said that this man has lost his attractive looks a bit due the surgery. And what kind of possible plastic surgery that may conducted by him?

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Befre and After Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Befre and After

The one and only possible plastic surgery that can be seen from his face is this kind of botox injection. The botox injection the blamed as the procedure that bit ruined his face. The botox makes his face looks stiffed and bit frozen too. But in other hand, the botox also makes his face looks flawless too. It seems that he is also get benefit from the botox injection to get a rid of lines and crease that appeared on his face. But well can’t help that the botox also give him a little bit feminine looks that almost ruined his rock star image.

Well though Richie Sambora plastic surgery is not working too well, but at least he is luckier than any other rock stars. And well he may never admitting it due his rock star image makes his ego even bigger to admitting it.

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