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Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

South Korea is famous with the beautiful women and handsome men. This country accentuates the physic of it’s citizen. So, it is not freak if almost all actresses and actors do plastic surgery to make them more wonderful. One of the popular idol in the country who has done plastic surgery is Sandara Park or well known as Dara 2NE1. This 29 years old woman accused to have several plastic surgery procedures. Based on some sources, she was accused to have eyelid surgery and nose job procedure. Let’s we discuss it more detail.

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before and After

The first plastic surgery that had done by Sandara Park is eyelid surgery. As everybody knows, most Korean people has narrow eyes and as you can see at Sandara eyes, she used to have narrow eyes. But after the time passed, her eyes change to be bigger. And it is imposible if she did not do anything. Many people share their opinions that Sandara Park did double eyelid surgery to make her eyes bigger. As you can see at her before and after picture, the difference is can be seen clearly that her eyes become bigger so, the rumor of her eyelid surgery is true.

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Picture Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Picture

The second plastic surgery procedure that was accused to Sandara Park is a rhinoplasty or well known as a nose job procedure. The differences of her nose when she was young and she is now are can be seen clearly by comparing her pictures. She used to have a bulbous and wide nose. But, after time passed and she was getting famous, her nose changed into the narrow and sharp nose. Of course, it is because of rhinoplasty she did. Now, her nose is very match with her face and it makes she becomes more beautiful than before. How do you think? Does her plastic surgery procedure successful to make Sandara Park more beautiful?

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  • ... May 4, 2015, 9:28 am

    why do you use those pictures? you only use smiling pictures to make it look that their nose was wider seriously she hasnt had nose syrgery

  • Blue angel August 18, 2015, 6:04 am

    Let me correct the first sentence. It should be written: South Korea is famous for the beautiful women and handsome, thanks to the science of plastic surgery. Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against people who desire to go under the knife for enhancement reasons, for after all it is their money to spend with.

    What I am surprise is the growing culture and seemed to be already imbedded in the KOREAN psyche that “to be repaired” is beautiful. They are not happy with the DNA their parents passed on to them.

    It seems to be a contradiction/deviation to the wonderful and admirable values and traditions imparted in your numerous KOREAN dramas which is love of country, love of parents and family, etc. How could you show your love for your country when you change/detest your facial structure (to look like a European/American which will never be, despite enumerable invasive procedures). Why don’t you like to look like your parents? You want to inherit their money, in case they are rich, but sadly you don’t like their genes. What a misplaced filial love! What are your bright teachers/priests/nuns/pastors doing in this kind of ‘phenomenon’? Is there a subject Vanity 101 in your school curricula?

    If all the actors want their proboscis to be long and thin like the mosquito, so be it. They are entitled to it. To fans and fanatics, actors should be seen as ‘easy to the eyes’ always. But their reconfigured faces should not serve as a template to be copied. Do SKoreas want to look like clones? Can’t SKs raise the ante higher through integrity and hard work, instead of the works of medical procedure?

    Constructive surgery is given to those who have disfigured faces and other body parts, due to accidents and other analogous reasons. It a must for those who needed them badly. The essence of constructive surgery should never be misconstrued as the rationale behind cosmetic surgery.

    Perhaps, if the purveyors of the flourishing cosmetic surgery are heavily taxed, aspirants of the ‘artificial beautification program’ will be minimized, since medical bills will be exorbitant. The ensuing revenues can be earmarked for the basic needs of the poorer South Koreas.

    The above is just an observation and opinion. I meant no malice.

  • Dinh Anh November 15, 2015, 2:18 am

    You only use her pictures when she was smiling!That’s not fair at all!Have you searched for her pictures without any makeup?

  • Wfaa July 16, 2016, 11:08 am

    You’re using her pictures when she was smiling, also she is wearing different make up styles in each pic.

  • Natural handsome Korean male actors August 22, 2016, 10:13 am

    98 percent Korean male actors have natural handsome face. 2 percent, it may fix only a little. Zero transforming.
    And there are bunch of natural beauties include Sandara park . Most Koreans have inner eyelids. And many Koreans have double eyelids, too.
    Sandara park hasn’t done anything on her face. Are you jealous of her beauty????

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