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Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Pictures

It has been a long time that Stana Katic nose job procedure become the speculation among the fans and the surgery experts. But though it leads many kinds of speculation, they came to the similar conclusion. The actress looks good with her new nose that the result from the rhinoplasty done.Unfortunately the model seems wont let any single words slip from her mouth. So, she just remains silent whenever asked about the nose job speculation done.

Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Pictures Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Pictures

But though she never said anything, but Stana Katic nose job is really makes her fans happy cause she looks good with it. Many people said that her pretty appearance came from the good genes, the combination of Serbian descent. But with the new nose that suits her better, the beautiful looks of her more stunning as you see today.

Nose job

Just observing her before and after picture and you will realize that there is something changed so drastically from her face. The focus from the changing in her facial area is in the nasal part that looks so different than we show her for the first time long ago. Her nose seems straighter and more pointed compared than before. She used to have big piggy nose that a little wide and big too. Though it actually never reduced her pretty looks, but she seems never confidence with that shape of nose. That is why she appeared today with straighter, pincher nose than before. The result not to bad though and she seems prettier with it.

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