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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

Everyone who undergoes any cosmetic procedures must be expecting the best result to enhance their appearance. Many number of celebrities, who confirm or deny have proved that their looks had successfully enhanced by going through under the knife. But we also can find the names who have made failures, instead of being enhanced, their looks appear horrible. Tara Reid is one of the samples of the failures.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Boob Job Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before and After Photo

Tara Reid who once was best known for her role as high school sweetheart Vicky in American Pie is now better known for her bungled liposuction and breast implants procedure which she underwent in 2004. About the breast scars that captured in numerous media, she said “I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.” In 2006, she reportedly had reconstruction to that part of her body and in 2009 she appeared on Playboy magazine as if it was to confirm that her body was all fine. But everyone has already noticed that she had changed her look through surgical procedure and it turned out that the outcome was disappointing.

Let’s go to more details about the procedures she had. Her boob job, specifically breast enlargement operation, wasn’t one of the best. It becomes saggy. Many plastic surgeons have scolded her operation because it must have been done by an unskilled and  not experienced surgeon. Her tummy is also too flat and tight. That is not the belly that is possessed by a 30-year-old woman and could only be possible through cosmetic surgery.

As overall result, we can see that the cosmetic surgery didn’t go well at all. The lesson learned here is you need to have any plastic operation professionally done by an expert, otherwise you will be forever regretting the horrible outcome.

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