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Tom Berenger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tom Berenger Plastic Surgery Tom Berenger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tom Berenger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

As everybody knows, Tom Berenger used to a handsome man in the past. Many women interested with him because he has handsome face. But now, his era seems be over, his handsome face also seems gone. As we know that he is no young anymore. His age is 65 years old, so it is common that his face is different than before. But it is sad that someone face change into horrible one. Back in 2010, he shocked the public by showing his horrible face. He looks so awful and even worst at the event. Then, the speculation about Tom Berenger’s plastic surgery rise and being a discussion for many people. Tom Berenger rumored to have several kinds of plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, cheek implants, botox, blepharoplasty and fillers injection. Let’s we discuss it one by one.

Unfortunately, Tom Berenger’s plastic surgery procedures is not run well, it makes her face looks so awful. Many people said that the facelift procedure is the one procedure that makes his face looks so plump and fuller. As you can see at his current face, it looks so unnatural. Some people said that he may over do facelift procedure, so the result is bad for his face. An expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif commented that Tom Berenger may had botox injection and facial fillers, but the fillers or implants seems injected in massive volume. So the result is very disappointing. And his plastic surgery is going to wrong.

The cheek implants also went bad, her cheeks looks imbalance and looks so unnatural. His plump cheeks is the result of wrong cheek implants he did. Another procedure that he did is blepharoplasty procedure. It used to make her eyes looks wide and freash. But unfortunately, it did not run well. In conclusion, Tom Berenger did wrong plastic surgery procedures or he is too old to do plastic surgery.

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