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Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

After controversial life, called as home wrecker, attention seeker, and has main ambition was ‘to be rich and famous’, Wendi Deng plastic surgery issue completed everything. This woman is already built with bad image as the woman who used marriage as the thing to make her famous, rich and be the American citizen. And she is also having very sharp and bad mouth too which is makes many people hate her from time to time.

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s obviously seen that Wendi Deng plastic surgery is just to removed her alter ego as the Chinese. Every plastic surgery she got changed her face so drastically and makes her looks like American rather than the Asian. And well she is proud having the surgery yet without a shame to admit it.


The facelift procedure can be seen from her tight and not proportional face. We said it is not proportional because too pulled facial skin makes her eyes and lip looks so weird and not natural at all. The facelift may give her smoother facial skin but it also left the unnatural looks that make her weird. But well, she still confidence with it and even said that girlfriend of Google boss Eric Schmidt will never have ‘my style, my grace.


Beside, It is clear that the woman also having the Botox injection done. Her face especially the forehead that looks very smooth and unable to move of course the indication she got botox. Many people said that this woman having the botox injection just to makes her even better and find new richer lover after that controversial divorce.

Nose job

The nose job probably the procedure that been done long time ago before she was getting famous to makes her more American. Her nose used to very flat and now being so pinched and smaller with straighter bones too. It give her pinched and higher nose that unnaturally seen for the Chinese woman like her.

Eyelid surgery

She may also got the eyelid surgery to at first when she is still at Yale Univ. Of course with eyelid surgery her eyes getting larger and wider as you can see today. This woman may feel ashamed having squinted eyes that why she tries many things inducing this eyelid surgery.

We know that Wendi Deng plastic surgery will makes her more famous and controversial. And, it seems she doesn’t care with the bad image that been attached too much to her.

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