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Adrienne Maloof Before and After Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Maloof, everybody knows her. She is a businesswoman owning some shares in a Las Vegas casino, being a daughter of a late billionaire, George Maloof and of course was the housewife of a well-known plastic surgeon, Paul Nassif. The socialite, now turning 53, still looks quite vibrant in her youthful appearance. And what do you think? Yes, she has everything and when it comes to aging, something that no woman can ever escape from, plastic surgeries and some Botox are the only ways out. And questions rise as to what extent this very shoe designer has done some knife job on her body.

According to her ex-husband, from whom Adrienne divorce in 2012, she has Botox and she has some fillers on her face too. Is that all that she has done? Well, some may believe in what the surgeon has said regarding his ex-wife, but some other simply think that this Maloof Princess has done things far beyond that, noting the changes in her appearance. Some are pretty sure that she has done surgeries on almost all parts of her face.

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Adrienne Maloof Before and After Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Maloof Before and After Plastic Surgery

She might have done some cheek enhancement, for instance, or applying Botox surgery on her forehead, avoiding any wrinkles and some invading aging signs. Her cheeks look tight and puffy. And there are no wrinkles on the forehead despite her growing years of age. Rhynoplasty is also believed to have been done with her nose that is slightly different from her nose before. They think that all look overall good, except for the cheeks that they think a bit too much somehow, despite being puffy and tight, making them a bit unnatural to be like they are now.

Well, to have plastic surgery from the simple one until the massive one is not something uncommon for Hollywood people. Beauty and handsomeness are musts and when people age, as it is said earlier, the knife of surgeons can be the solution. So why bother? And Adrienne is no exception. Yes, even though one should also be careful, sometimes the same knife can be disaster for their faces too. Don’t you think so? Yet, at least for this 53-year-old socialite, it works just fine for her.

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  • catdaddyd August 7, 2015, 2:13 pm

    The pic on the left is Linda Thompson.

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