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Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery Before and After

Amy Matthews is a famous and well known Australian TV actress. She is known for her role in the “Home and Away” Australian TV show. There have been many speculations that Amy Mathews went under the knife to get some plastic surgery procedures to enhance the beauty. She has been accused of having Face Lift, Botox and Nose job. If we compare her old pictures to the recent pictures, we can see the difference. She looks more beautiful and perfect in the before picture. Many times plastic surgery procedures results are not outstanding and sometimes even the results are worse. This is the case with Amy Mathews. She has one of the worst plastic surgery procedures, if she had any. The plastic surgery even changed the look of Amy Mathews.

In the old pictures of Amy, she looks quite different and beautiful. In the early pictures her looks are natural and face has natural bright shine. But, in the after pictures the beauty has faded which can be a result of plastic surgery.Although, Amy has been accused of having plastic surgery procedures, but she never admitted it. She refused to answer on this particular topic. But, her pictures tell the different story and there is a big chance that she might have a few procedures. In the picture, her nose looks different; skin looks tighter and flawless and it could be the result of Botox. There is also a little sign of a face lift, but we are not sure that she had this surgery.

 Amy Matthews  Plastic Surgery Before and After

In the old pictures the nose looks a little wider and tip is not sharp. But, in recent pictures her nose looks more defined and sharp. This gives us a hint of nose job.Many actresses consider having Botox and it seems like Amy was not an exception. It looks like she had this surgery to fix her face features. In the recent pictures her face looks wrinkle free and much fuller.There are always many speculations of celebrities having plastic surgeries, but often the pictures we see on the internet are edited and that would also be a reason that they look different in pictures. So, we are not sure that these speculations are entirely right or wrong. You can spot the difference by yourself and tell us in the comments that what you think about it. But, in the pictures it seems like she certainly had fewer procedures.

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  • The Truth August 30, 2017, 9:47 am

    What’s up with her nose? Her left nostil opening is smaller than the right. Everytime a home advisor commercial coes on that’s all o focus on. LOL!!!

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