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Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the famous and hottest Hollywood actresses. She appeared in many top Hollywood movies like Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith, etc. Angelina Jolie is married to Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt. But, there have been speculations of Angelina Jolie having few plastic surgery procedures. If we compare her old pictures with the latest pictures, we found few signs which give us a hint of plastic surgery procedures. According to several gossip websites and celebrity watchers, Angelina Jolie took the help of plastic surgery procedures to get beautiful appearance. She has been accused of having breast implants, facelift, Botox and nose job.

AJ 300x171 Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After

The first procedure she has been accused of is the nose job. It has been mentioned that she had a nose job in the start of her career in modeling. If you see the before and after pictures, you probably see that her nose has small change. Angelina Jolie had a larger and wider nose, but now it seems thinner and smaller. If it was a magic of plastic surgery then I would say kudos to the Surgeon who did her procedure. A plastic surgeon from Michigan Dr. Anthony stated that “By looking at the pictures of Angelina Jolie, make me believe that she definitely had a nose job few years ago”. Few other plastic surgeons also express their thought about the nose job of Angelina Jolie. According to them, she had some procedures. But, Angelina Jolie told the Daily Mail UK that she has never gone under the knife and she never had any nose job. She strictly denied these accusations. In addition to having a nose job, she has also been accused of having other procedures like breast implants, Botox and face-lifts. Although, there is no solid proof of any surgery and she denied having any kind of plastic surgery. The features of the person changes with the age and often makeup artists do their jobs to make actresses looks incredible. Sometimes makeup artists work hard to make the illusion of having sharp features. The other factors which we should keep into account are healthy diet plans and workout routines. The celebrities pay a lot of their trainers and nutritionist just to stay healthy and beautiful. Often, the plastic surgery procedures are not the best solution and the results could be worse. The only proof which we have is the before and after pictures and often pictures have some editing before they published in magazines. So, unless we have some real proof we should forget about these speculations. No matter even if she had any plastic surgery procedures, she still looks beautiful and hot.

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