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Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Anne Archer is an American actress who has been featured in a number of movies and television series. Her first movie series was in 1970, Men at Law. Born on 24 August 1947, she is now 67 and wishing she could turn back time then make her 30 again. It is very obvious that she has had some works done to keep her appearance as youthful as she was 30 years ago. Rumor has it that the plastic surgery is done due to the damage caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding, but until now Anne Archer always appears defended to against the rumors, but yes her face tells us otherwise.

Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Anne Archer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Her face comes up unnatural with that tight and taut look. In every photograph, she almost always appears without facial expression; her smile is no longer natural. Do you suspect it is the result of Botox and eyelids surgery? Eyelids surgery is done to remove the fat deposits around the eyes, but the outcome looks unnatural and left a weird look for her face. Botox has got her no wrinkles or any aging lines, it has given her much younger and better look but sometimes her smooth face looks a bit frozen and much unnatural for a 67 year old. Her nose is also chiseled and pinched, rhinoplasty has reshaped her nose with a narrower bridge now. She wasn’t really lucky to have this procedure done on her because it has terribly performed. She also might expect to have sexy, luscious, and fleshy lips like she had decades ago, so it appears that some chemical filler has been injected to her lips.

What about you? Will you undergo any cosmetic surgery when you are 67 to enhance your look?

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