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How Bad Chin Implant Can Ruin Your Beauty?

Are you a big fan of Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga? This means you follow all their fashion trends and styles. These super models always strive for perfection, but as a woman, you don’t want any scar in your beauty. Practically, a red carpet doesn’t see a good heart; all you need is an awe-inspiring body and an astonishing diva dress to make it up to the star level.

But in strive of reaching to those high beauty goals; one usually crosses the limits of safety. Observing your face in a mirror is okay until you start judging your little nose, thin lips or weak jaw lines. Individuals never get satisfied of their personal facial features and looks, which is why they prefer some risky steps to reach to the next beauty level. Nowadays, chin implantation is a burning trend in fashion industry, but no one spot lights the bad chin implant in the fashion magazines.

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Effects of Chin Implant:

A chin implantation is not just getting your chin into shape with pinning some needles; it has a lot more of story behind it which stays untold to the customers. Not only women, but the men are also getting conscious about their not so good chin shape. People prefer chin enlargement, chin enhancement or chin reduction to match their face shapes. But the other face of this mesmerizing beautifier is what if your chin implants gone wrong? Shocked, you should be!

Blog2 Image2 How Bad Chin Implant Can Ruin Your Beauty?

Your chin implant can even make your face worse, here’s how:

  • You can get infection as well as bleeding:

Chin implant can cause you infection over your newly planted chin, which may look like a celebrity chin, but is painful as well. And if your skin is unable to bear these rapid changes in your body, then you can also suffer severe bleeding.

  • You can face mandible bony absorption:

This is a process where a small and thin layer of your bone disappears or say, fades away. This is a very complicated and serious problem which most of the people fail to recognize. This can ruin your teeth shape, size and sturdiness.

  • It can result into lip dysfunction:

You can’t risk your lips to get a better jaw line, but if you get a wrong chin implant, then you can get serious swelling after chin implant or canker sores or a bad lip shape even. This creates one more heavy investment because you can’t live with some lip dysfunctions with a great chin.

  • It can also cause severe nerve damage:

If you skin or muscle layer is thin and sensitive, then you can get affected by serious nerve damages, which brings dizziness, irritation and more serious problems to you which cannot be taken for granted.

Blog2 Image3 How Bad Chin Implant Can Ruin Your Beauty?

Some people rated chin implant as one of the worst surgeries, as they could not feel much difference before and after chin implant. Frequent people have received one of those serious problems mentioned above. Getting a recovery implant is worse than getting a single one as it can ruin your body functioning and beauty to a greater extent.

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