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Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Looking so fabulous in her 66 years old, then Barbara Hershey rumored to have plastic surgery to keep her face looks youthful. Though she looks good in her age, but she seems bit obsessed to plastic surgery. Even the result looks so good on her, many people actually agreed that she was beautiful woman and did not need any plastic surgery procedures.

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you take a look at her face closely, you will see her face looked so unnatural. Actually, this woman has a good genes that enough to preserve her pretty looks. But, it seems that she doesn’t trusted her good genes to makes her stay younger till today. That is why the plastic surgery seems help her much to regain her youthful looks and preserve her beauty.


Thanks to the botox procedure that makes her forehead looks so smooth and very tight too. It seems that the botox was injected to the glabellas area because her forehead and eyebrow looks bit lifted. The botox also makes her skin free from laugh lines and crow’s feet too. It gives her youthful appearance even a little bit frozen and stiffed too. But though her face looks a little bit immobile, but it still appear natural and makes her younger in her 66 years old.


To get the skin rejuvenated, the actress may get the facelift procedure too. The facelift procedure makes her skin looks tight and bit pulled back even it still appear normal too. The facelift also help her to get a rid of hard lines or crease that probably appear on her face that also fight against aging effectively.

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