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Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you are a music lover, you would have probably known Beyonce. She is highly famous around the world. She was born in Houston, Texas, USA on September 4, 1981. She is also known for her acting work and songwriting. Since early age, Beyonce started dancing and singing. However, she became famous in late 1990s. She was the lead singer of R&B group “Destiny’s Child”. At that time, her father Mathew managed the group, which later became one of the best girl groups in the world. Afterwards, Beyonce established herself as a solo singer and released her debut album in 2003 called “Dangerously in Love”. The album was a huge hit and sold 12 million copies and let her won five Grammy Awards.

So far in her career, Beyonce has released several albums and maintained her fame. She is still considering as one of the top female singers of all time. She appeared on several TV shows, interviews, magazine covers, etc. In 2013 and 2014, Time magazine listed her in their most influential people in the world list. Recently in 2015, Forbes magazine named her as one of the most influential female musician of this year.

Moreover, she is also widely known as the wife of famous rapper “Jay Z”. The couple married in 2008 without declaring publicly. In 2012, their daughter born in New York and the couple named her Blue Ivy Carter.

Well, that was the introduction about Beyonce. But, the thing which we are to discuss is about the rumors which later appeared on internet about the plastic surgery. She has been accused of multiple procedures such as Botox injections, Nose job and Breast augmentation.

Beyonce plastic surgery before and after Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After

Although, she is 34 and usually woman don’t need any artificial beauty procedures in order to look young and perfect. However, the story is different with celebrities. They have to be in front of camera most of their time in the life and it’s not an easy job. People like beautiful and hot celebrities. But, beauty doesn’t stay forever, as you grow older your skin start to sag.

If you take a look at Beyonce’s before and after pictures, you can see the slight difference. But, we can’t be sure about the procedures for which she has been accused. Mostly, the pictures on internet and magazines are edited by professional editor before publishing.

Beyonce plastic surgery before and after 1 Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and AfterThere is no doubt that Beyonce face and body has changed over the years. She has become one of the hottest celebrities. Personally, I like Beyonce the way she look and have killer body curves. She has a perfect skin tone and face with an amazing body. There is no doubt that Jay Z is a lucky guy.

On the end, I would say that in my point of view she doesn’t have any major procedures. But, she might have the Botox injections in order to get tight and wrinkle free skin.

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