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Breaking Some Believes about the Facial Filler and Other Cosmetic Treatments

For every cosmetic surgery that goes upright, there are hundreds that go horribly wrong. Puffy lips, swelled up chicks, lop sided chests, and weird alien like features, that is what one get when plastic surgeries get failed. You would have seen enough scary and awful pictures of people under the headings like facial fillers gone wrong or plastic surgery disasters and more.

Staying natural has become so mainstream that some over adventurous people have opted to go completely artificial. Cosmetic surgeries were good till the time they were serving the medical purposes. But, since the day people started using cosmetic surgery for increasing aesthetic appeal of their body and face, they are ruining the natural human beauty from that day onwards.

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Cosmetic surgeries, no matter minor or major, are a scary practice. In the case of facial fillers gone bad or similar surgeries you put yourself entirely at the mercy of a strange surgeon to blame. When they cut open the parts of your unconscious body, trusting those medical professionals for not doing anything terrible to your face is completely unrealistic.

Blog5 Image2 Breaking Some Believes about the Facial Filler and Other Cosmetic Treatments

Often in these surgeries everything turns out to be good, but every once in a while, an adventurous person wakes up after a routine cosmetic surgical procedure with a missing  chunk of their face, or with swelling after facial fillers, or with weirdly toned chin.

A major review cum research performed amidst growing concern of cosmetic surgery failures and it was found that facial fillers and similar cosmetic treatments are going wrong horribly. Facial filler is a treatment commonly used by people to eradicate wrinkles, fine lines and loosened face skin. Basically in facial filler treatment, the surgeon injects some filler substances into the skin to tighten the facial skin. This treatment is supposed to fill hollows, wrinkles, lines and eliminate trouble spots. Though this treatment hardly serves any purpose, instead it has more side effects than benefits.

Side Effects of Awful Facial Filler Surgery:

Some facial fillers side effects are- Redness, swelling, and bruising at the site of injection. The filler can also create tiny bumps under the skin. You would have seen a lot of images of celebrities with awful bumps on their faces, admiring someone is good but do not ever opt for facial fillers in admiration of any celebrity or public figure. There are many instances where the facial fillers have gone disgustingly wrong.

Just a little bit of research on the internet and you will have plenty of stories and examples about bad cosmetic treatments.

Blog5 Image3 Breaking Some Believes about the Facial Filler and Other Cosmetic Treatments

Many celebrities have gone through filler treatment and some famous once are:

  • Kim Kardashian– Booty of this reality star is not the only body part rumored to be inflated. Her face also shows some telltale signs of facile filler treatment
  • Megan Fox– Transformer star seems to have her chicks transform in shape.
  • Jennifer Aniston- The only place Jennifer has gained weight over the years is on her face. Some signs of fillers there as well.
  • Renee Zellweger– She does not look like she used in her Bridget Jones days. Now, she has a pillow face, which is unrecognizable some times.
  • Lara Flynn Boyle– Actress has literally become a poster girl for facial filler treatments.

Thus, you must think wisely before taking the big decision of going under the knife. Evaluating the facial fillers pros and cons will only help you in choosing what is more suitable for your condition.

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