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Do Breasts Implants Worth it? Think Twice Before Opting

Breasts implants are on the rise, as every year the number of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery, is increasing. But, what inspires people to opt for breast implants? Breasts are important part of women’s body but not all women are blessed with toned figure and enticing curves. This makes many women feel abnormal and they also lose their self-esteem.

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Many women also feel that no breasts or no curves imply that they won’t find a man whom they desire of. Women often consider that they will not be able to woo men, they cannot enjoy their sex life and they could not wear well-fitting clothes. Are these things a valid reason to get breast implants and risk your life? Not all men in the world love busty women and it is not a tough task to get a dress tailored according to your body.

Now, if you are thinking that why breast implants are bad then please read the following reasons why not to get breast implants:

  1. Breast Implants are not Safe:

Whether you are going for saline-filled or silicone-gel filled implants, they are several risk associated with all breasts implants. These include breast pain and rupture i.e tears or holes in the shell. Also, studies shows that a great number of women who have gone through either silicone gel or saline implants, are suffering from breast cancer.

  1. Breast Implants can Rapture:

Almost half of all women who have undergone breast implants experience rupture within 10 years of their surgery. Ruptured silicone implants can lead to pain, swelling and lump in the affected breast, hardening or softening of the breast and also change in breast size and shape.

  1. Breast Implants Affect Breastfeeding:

The chances of having an inadequate milk supply for breastfeeding increases after breasts implants surgery and also breastfeeding after breast implants surgery may increase the levels of toxic forms of platinum in the blood of offspring.

Blog6 Image1 Do Breasts Implants Worth it? Think Twice Before Opting

Why Breast Implants Are Bad:

Along with this, you can also expect mishaps like infection, chronic breast pain, nipple numbness, disfigured breasts, scar tissue, cognitive impairment, unexplained fatigue, metal poisoning in silicone implants unusual hair loss and silicone migration into lymph nodes, after breast implant surgery.

Celebrity Breast Implant Gone Wrong:

There are plenty of your favorite celebs whose breasts implants are gone bad, one among them in the famous American model, actor and singer, Hayden Panettiere. This famous Hollywood actress opted for the breasts implants with a desire to add some extra oomph to her tiny frame but her surgery did not succeed in providing her a more womanly figure. About a year after the surgery, multitude of Hayden’s red carpet photos showed that her boobs are not doing well. They seem to be asymmetric and also the surgery has caused something like a hole in the middle of the chest.

Now, do you still feel that breasts implants are worth it? Absolutely not! It is not that bigger breasts will attract a mate or will make you look like a diva. There are several women around the globe who have a body features like you so feel better about your body

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