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Crystle Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Nowadays, Crystle Stewart plastic surgery issue becomes the internet trend, many people asked her to take off that American beauty pageant title holder. Then, it was revealed to public the plastic surgery seems for the medical reason. Though not everyone believed what she said, but she tried to convinced the public that everything she said is real. And many people also said it is useless to take plastic surgery as the issue to postponed her title.

Crystle Stewart Plastic Surgery Crystle Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Crystle Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Since she is the Miss USA 2008 and it seems useless to brought the Crystle Stewart plastic surgery issue today. And though the plastic surgery is not just an empty rumor, many people support her and said that she is telling the truth. The Miss USA self then admitting having plastic surgery and tells the truth the procedure and the motive she got the surgery. So what kind of plastic surgery that probably done by her?

Breast implants

Many people said that this Crystle Stewart  having plastic surgery for breast implants just for the body enhancement. From her before and after picture, people said that her breast looks bigger and defined unnaturally. She has bigger breast with rounded looks which is really different from years ago. At first she denied the breast implants rumor, but latter  she admitted to have breast implants. And it then revealed that she got breast cancer that started to create a lump on her chest area. That is why she then received the breast reconstruction that also makes her breast shape bit changed.

Lucky for her because then Crystle Stewart plastic surgery seems boost her popularity. And, its good that her cancer has been removed yet returning her confidence too.

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