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Dan Cortese Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Many people asking the motive behind Dan Cortese plastic surgery procedures. There was a rumor told that it is because he tried to find new love after divorcing with his wife. On the other hand, another rumor told that this man started to feel insecure about the fact that his age is almost 50s. That is why in his 47 years old then seeking the help from the plastic surgery procedure. The result actually not too bad even some people said he just looks changed and a bit disappointed.

Dan Cortese Plastic Surgery Dan Cortese Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Dan Cortese Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo


The thing that seems changed his face is botox injection. The frozen and unable to move forehead may the indication that the botox has filled the glabellas area. The botox seems also makes her face looks immobile and very tight too. His smile looks bit weird because of botox gives him that unable to move condition. Besides, it also makes his face looks different though it appears younger too.

Eyelift Surgery

This man may also got the eyelift surgery too. His appeared wider and larger than he used to, but it also looks so tight and bit frozen too. It seems that his eye also looks a lifted more though it also able to removed wrinkles and saggy there. Many people said that even this man appear younger with wider eyes, his eyes bit lifted unnaturally that makes his face looks bit changed too.

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