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Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Physical appearance is one of the most important aspects of being a celebrity. People expect them to stay good all the time. But time keeps going on, it doesn’t stop, so do age and youthfulness. Daryl Christine Hannah seems to be one of a number of celebrities who can’t get rid of the temptation about plastic surgery, to stay young, even to enhance their look. Hannah is best known for her performance in some films like Blade Runner, Splash, Roxanne, Wall Street, and Kill Bill.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Despite the shocking pictures about her changing look have been widely spread, she still denies that she ever has had any cosmetic surgery. Hannah ever told the media how she has been struggling with issues such as social anxiety and autism since she was a little girl, but she never reveals the fact of ever experiencing plastic surgery. She used to look so beautiful and refreshing, but her natural beauty has been changing drastically over the years. Now it turned into a very different and unnatural look. The transformation that she ever made has labeled her as one of the worst examples of plastic surgery result.

To hide wrinkles on her face and forehead, she was possibly having Botox combined with the facelift. The intention of having this kind of procedure is to make her face fresh, young, and tight. But what really happened is it gave her a living-doll look. It turned her into plastic woman, it is clear that she completely has ruined her beauty that she had once. The brow lift is also considered failed since the alternation makes us really difficult to recognize her. Her cheeks look fuller than before, it might be the result of dermal filler that was injected into her cheeks. She obviously did lip filler very often with Restylane injection which made her upper lip thicker than her lower one. She ever mentioned once that she wasn’t happy with her natural lip, it would be possibly the reason why she altered the form of her lips.

Seeing how terrible the result of Darryl Hannah’s plastic surgery, it was very unnecessary for her to change anything at the first place. If she had kept everything natural, she would have had aged very gracefully.

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