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Deborra-Lee Furness Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Everybody must agree that Deborra-Lee Furness plastic surgery makes many problems for her. This woman has been long time become the bullying subject due she was marrying the handsome man Hugh Jackman. They said that she is not pretty enough to marry with him. They also said she is too old for Jackman because of their age gap. And now the speculation that she got plastic surgery is also adding the subject matter for those bullier.

Deborra Lee Furness Plastic Surgery Deborra Lee Furness Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Deborra-Lee Furness Plastic Surgery

We can’t ask about Deborra-Lee Furness plastic surgery motive and just guessing it because of that bully. She seems does not to close the facts that being older than her husband is hard. Moreover, his husband also considered as one of sexiest men alive that makes many women want to approach him. It is hard for her to get a rid of plastic surgery speculation since there is something changed from her face.


The facelift procedure may the obvious one regarding her face that looks pulled and bit asymmetrical. Many people said that her lip looks bit weird. It because she is relied too much to plastic surgery for the facelift procedure. The facelift makes her face looks very tight unnaturally. And the bad effects seems also reached the lip area because right now she have that weird smile which is makes her more insecure.


Botox also can be seen from the facts that her face looks bit stiffed and frozen. Her forehead may very smooth and free from wrinkles. But it also looks bit frozen too with too elevated eyelift either. Besides, the botox also makes her unable to smile freely. In addition, her cheek that looks swollen with too squinted eyes also the bad effects from the botox too.

Eyelid surgery

And another surgery that makes her face looks younger is the eyelid surgery. The eyelid surgery obviously seen since her eyes looks larger today. The eyelid surgery seems working well here and it helps her bit to enhanced her looks. Her eyes area looks so smooth and it give her fresher look too.

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