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Did Seo Hyo Rim Have Plastic Surgery?

As a rookie actress and idol, it seems that Seo Hyo Rim plastic surgery issue is not too good for her career. Her name may not internationally known. But in her country, she is one of the most favorite TV stars. She has kind of beautiful face and sexy body which is dreamed by everyone. And since she started to make a debut, many people said that she tries to establish her career through physical enhancement from plastic surgery.

Seo Hyo Rim Plastic Surgery Did Seo Hyo Rim Have Plastic Surgery?

Seo Hyo Rim Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

Some people also speculated that Seo Hyo Rim plastic surgery is the thing that was created by herself and the management to boost her popularity. The actress who made debut as a model then denied that plastic surgery is something that was happened to created. She was also denying having plastic surgery was said by many people especially her haters. She said that her appearance is natural due she has regular exercise and regular diet too. Do you believe it when she said that her perfect appearance is real?


In her 29 years old, this woman was accused as the big fans of botox. The botox injection called as the most possible procedure since her face that looks so smooth and soft today. She looks like a porcelain doll with very shinny and glossy facial skin. Her face that looks like ageless and having porcelain looks makes people accused her having the botox. It is because she seems cant smile naturally and her forehead looks so rigid too. Her face also shows a little bit weird expression whenever she smiles that strengthens the plastic surgery speculation for botox.

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