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Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Elizabeth Hurley is an English model and actress. She was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England on June 10, 1965. Elizabeth Hurley has associated with the Estee Lauder the cosmetic company. The company gave her Elizabeth Hurley her first modeling job. Estee Lauder has used Elizabeth Hurley as the face for their products. Especially in the perfumes section. Since 1995, Hurley has promoted perfumes such as Intuition, Pleasures, and Sensuous.

Elizabeth Hurley also own her personal beachwear line. However, as an actress, she is best-known for her work in the hit spy comedy as Vanessa Kensington and as a Devil in film Bedazzled. In the 1990s, Elizabeth Hurley started dating Hugh Grant a well-known English actor.

Elizabeth Hurley is Godmother of David and Victoria Beckham’s sons (Brooklyn and Romeo). Well, that was all about her professional and personal life. Now, let’s talk about the rumors associated with Elizabeth Hurley. She has been accused of having multiple plastic surgery procedures which include Botox injections, Lip Injection and Breast Implants.

Elizabeth Hurley before and after photos Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Although, Elizabeth Hurley never need to went under the knife. But, things changed when you are in the mid-40s and 50s. Currently, Elizabeth Hurley is 51 years old and at such age, it’s hard to look flawless. So, therefore, many celebrities go under the knife to get few plastic surgery procedures.

It’s hard job to be in front of the camera and look perfect. However, all the procedures for which media had accused Elizabeth Hurley are quite common among celebrities.

Now, if you take a look at before and after picture of Elizabeth Hurley, you can see the difference. In the before picture her face looks natural. However, in the after picture you can see that her face look flawless and have no apparent aging signs. This is the result of Botox injections.

Despite all the rumors and accusations, Elizabeth Hurley stated that she is all natural and has never gone near the plastic surgery. If you think she is right then let us know. The only thing we have to get to the bottom of this matter is to judge her before and after pictures.

The next procedure is lip injections. Although, this specific procedure isn’t as common as other procedures. But, still, celebrities get lip injections in order to get fuller lips. The pout lips are getting common and that’s clearly the reason Elizabeth Hurley had this procedure.

Elizabeth Hurley before and after photos 1 Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

On the last, media had accused her of Breast Implants. According to the statement of her partner Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley has the best boobs ever. Well, we don’t deny the statement of Hugh Grant. Elizabeth Hurley certainly has the best-looking boobs. The perfect shape and size give her the great personality.

In my opinion, Elizabeth Hurley looks pretty natural at such age. However, she might had some work done. But, it’s not a big issue when you look perfect at the age of 51. We should appreciate the beauty and sensual figure of Elizabeth Hurley.

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