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Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you have watched the movie series Harry Potter then you must know about Emma Watson. Emma Watson is a British model, actress and activist. She was born in Paris, France but later moved to England when she was five years old. She was born on 15 April, 1990. She became famous after appearing in all the eight movies of Harry Potter series from 2001 to 2011. Prior to Harry Potter series she only acted in school plays. The movies earned her the fame around the world and over £10 million. She also appeared in few other movies in her career so far. The movies in which she appeared include The Bling Ring, This is the end, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the recent release Noah.

Despite being busy in the movies work, Emma Watson managed some time to complete her studies. She studied at Oxford University and Brown University and later got her graduation from Brown University in English Literature. She also worked as a model and she models for Lancome and Burberry.

Emma Watson is well-known for her young and beautiful looks. She is perfect in terms of beauty. However, there were several rumors about the plastic surgery procedures of Emma Watson. To some extent these speculations and rumors looks fake to me. The reason is pretty simple at such young age she doesn’t need any artificial procedures. However, many young celebrities seek the help of plastic surgeons in order to look flawless.

Emma Watson plastic surgery before and after Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mostly confused celebrities go under the knife in order to look pretty. Many celebrities are obsessed with cosmetic surgery. The reason is simple that they are not happy with their bodies and they want to change it to look perfect and sexy.

The competition in Hollywood is stiff and in order to be in top list of celebrities many go under the knife. Emma Watson has been accused of Botox injections and Nose job. In my opinion, Emma Watson doesn’t need any surgery because she has natural good looking nose.

The Botox injections are usually used by celebrities to get flawless skin and look younger. But, Emma Watson is just 25 years old, which is pretty young age and usually no one take the treatment of Botox at such age.

Emma Watson plastic surgery before and after 1 Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Before and AfterThe other procedure for which she has been accused of was nose job. The nose job is the most common procedure among celebrities because everyone wants a perfect small nose. However, if you see the before and after pictures of Emma Watson, you can clearly see that there is no signs of nose job. Emma Watson nose looks all natural and perfect. Well, in simple words we can say that she is blessed with perfect and beautiful looks and we should admire her beauty.

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