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Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Still not changed very much in her 68 years old, Everybody must agree that plastic surgery is working well on Felicity Kendal face. It doesn’t mean that her face looks so young and makes us mistaken her as woman whose 20 years younger or more. She just looks fine and OK without too much changed than she used to, she seems not aging at all.

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Everybody must agree that the plastic surgery that may done by Felicity Kendal is at small procedure that keep her pretty looks without having much attention to makes it younger. Overall, we can say that her plastic surgery looks good on her and she seems appear natural. The actress seems aging gracefully. Its not too bad showing a little lines or crease on her face.


Though this veteran actress won’t say anything about the plastic surgery rumor, but the botox left the signs there. The botox is the most obvious procedure that can be noticed easily from her face. Her forehead remain soft and bit lifted as indicator that botox has been injected to the glabellas area. Besides, it also made her skin still elastic and not too tight as any common botox procedure done. But, due the botox is only the small procedure, sometimes we still noticed the lines or even wrinkles that obviously seen from her face.

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