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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The only child of the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain is turning 23 this year. The artistic soul given by her parents lives within her since she is now becoming a visual artist. On July 2010, she debuted a collection of artwork titled Scumfuck Under the Pseudonym “Fiddle Tim” at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. The news that is now being commonly discussed is about her changed appearance that has been drastically transformed over the years.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before & After

Botox has become on of the most popular forms of the celebrity plastic surgery undergone by numerous women. It is speculated has been injected into Frances Bean Cobain’s forehead. Her cheeks also look puffier and more prominent, she is suspected has done some sort of cheek work like cheek fillers. Her nose now has smaller bridges and looks a little sharper than it used to. The chin also looks more defined, longer, and pointy. If she indeed has had a surgical procedure for her chin look, the surgeon must have refined her jaw shape.

Many people still believe that this could be down to her recent drastic weight loss rather than plastic surgery, but, trust me, the drastic loss of weight will not get her that kind of shape. That is just too perfect to be natural. The other change is also visible on her lips, they look plumper and have much more volume than a lip gloss can grant. Possibly she has undergone some fillers into her lips to make it look larger and help it to get rid of the wrinkles around the mouth.

She has never come out to confirm nor deny the rumors, but the drastic change is just telling us everything. Regardless the surgical procedures have been undergone or it is just a rumor, she indeed looks very great with her current appearance, moreover after she left all the smoky looks that have been stick on her in many years. But she is still 22, I don’t think she needs to undergo any plastic surgery to enhance her look. Too young to be plastic!

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  • angel February 13, 2016, 4:42 pm

    Erm. . .actually her cheeks look smaller and her chin looks shorter now, I dont get where you got that her cheeks are more plump or that her chin is longer. . .you have odd shape perception indeed. Her nose is only mildly narrower at the tip. so yeah she could have achieved that with significant weight loss alone, she had that facial structure originally, her face was just fatter. Ive seen similar changes in people with her face shape as they lost weight. She probably did do her lips though. . .

  • kelly April 28, 2016, 4:31 am

    She looked just like her unattractive mother …and now..She totally doesn’t .

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