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Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Have you seen a television reality show The Housewives of Orange County? If you do perhaps you know Gretchen Rossi. She was one of the real housewives which took part in reality show. She earned roughly $375,000 per season. Gretchen Rossi was born in La Crescenta, California, United States. Rossi is an educated woman and she earned her Psychology degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

However, later Gretchen Rossi became real estate agent. She worked mainly in then-booming real estate business in Orange County. But, she had to give up her real estate business in order to take care of her fiancé, Jeff Beitzel. Jeff was suffering from Leukaemia and needed the full time care. Later, she became famous in the entertainment industry through her appearance on reality show the Real Housewives of Orange County. She was casted on fifth and sixth seasons of the show. Gretchen Rossi increased her popularity through public appearances. She wore the daisy dukes to Dodgers Stadium for Dodgers Day.

Gretchen Rossi also appeared in few movies. She was seen in awards shows such as A-List Awards, Fox Reality Really Awards, etc. According to her profile, she has estimated to be worth $3 million. She has made all the money through her appearance on the reality show and through her handbag and cosmetic lines. Gretchen Rossi is an active charity worker and she worked in the Lymphoma and Leukemia society. Rossi also plans to start her music career in future. She has performed with the Pussycat Dolls at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, that all about which we can find about Gretchen Rossi and her life. Now, let’s talk about the rumors of her plastic surgery procedures. The rumors are clearly associated with her amazing looks at the age of 37. According to several reports, she went under the knife to get plastic surgery procedures which include Rhinoplasty (Nose job), Lip Augmentation and Botox injections.

Rhinoplasty which is commonly known as nose job is one of the most common procedures among celebrities. Everyone seems to not admire their natural shape of nose and wants perfect small nose. Nose is considered as the vital feature of face and which is true to some extent. So therefore, celebrities go under the knife to get perfect nose. Take a look at before and after picture of Gretchen Rossi and you can see the slight difference in her nose. This gives us the hint of Nose job.

Lip Augmentation is getting common as well among celebrities. Now, if you take a look at her before and after picture, you can see the difference. Her lips look slightly more thing and perfectly shaped then before.

Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery 1 Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before and AfterBotox injections treatment is undoubtedly common procedure among celebrities. It helps to get wrinkle and spots free facial skin. But, if it’s get overdone the result can be worse. That’s why celebrities only seek the help of top plastic surgeons available and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on procedures, just to look perfect.

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