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Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Hema Malini is rumored having beauty enhancement through cosmetic surgeries. Based on some sources she had at least two procedures of plastic surgery. She is rumored getting the benefits from the botox and nose job. But, unlike Hollywood celebrities whom most of them admit the rumors, Hema Malini as Bollywood actress silently denies the rumor of plastic surgery.

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before and After

She is also rumored another plastic surgery such as a nose job procedure. Her nose looks different in size when she was young and she is now.. As you can see now, her nose is less bulbous compared than before. In addition, her nose looks more pointed and thinner in the tip area. Beside, her facial skin is remain toned and tight. It seems that this woman is never aged at all. It seems that her face looks so numb, frozen and almost expressionless. The botox seems makes her face looks so tight unnaturally.

Nevertheless, she remains to look beautiful because she indeed has the natural beauty before. There is not odd thing if the actress deciding to choose the plastics surgery to repair her appearance. Because she is exactly asked to show perfect in front of the public.

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